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Basic Info
Title Twilight's Hammer Chieftain
Role Assassin Assassin
Franchise Warcraft Warcraft
Type Ranged
Release Date November 11, 2015 (Pre-Release)
January 12, 2016 (Full Release)
Base Stats
Health 0
Health Regen 0
Energy 0
Energy Regen 0
Speed 4
Attack Speed 0
Attack Range 0
Attack Damage 0
Stats per level
Max Health 4
Health Regen 4
Ranged Damage 0
Splash Damage 0
Max Energy 0
Energy Regen 0
The date "November 11, 2015 (Pre-Release)<br>January 12, 2016 (Full Release)" was not understood.

Gall, the Twilight's Hammer Chieftain, is a ranged assassin hero from the Warcraft universe. Together with Cho, they are Cho'gall.[1]

As part of the two-headed ogre, Gall is physically attached to Cho, moving where he moves. He can deal incredible amounts of area damage.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Two-Headed Icon.png
Passive: Permanently attached to Cho, going where he goes. You are immune to Stun and Silence effects.
Shadowflame Icon.png
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Deal 391 (155 + 5% per level) damage to enemies in the area.
Dread Orb Icon.png
Dread Orb
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Throw a bomb that will bounce three times, dealing 393 (156 + 5% per level) damage to enemies.
Runic Blast Icon.png
Runic Blast
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
Detonate Cho's Rune Bomb, dealing 601 (285 + 4% per level) damage around it.
Detonate Twisting Nether Icon.png
Detonate Twisting Nether
Detonate the Twisting Nether, dealing 750 (356 + 4% per level) damage.
Twisting Nether Icon.png
Twisting Nether
Cooldown: 80 seconds
After 1 second, nearby enemies are slowed by 50% while you channel, up to 5 seconds. Activate to deal 750 (356 + 4% per level) damage.
Shadow Bolt Volley Icon.png
Shadow Bolt Volley
Cooldown: 60 seconds
After 1 second, unleash 20 Shadow Bolts over 4 seconds, each dealing 226 (108 + 4% per level) damage to the first target hit. The bolts fire towards your mouse.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Spurred Onward Icon.png
Spurred Onward
Increase the Initial speed boost of Hurry Up, Oaf! to 70%. Hurry Up, Oaf! cooldown reduced by 2 seconds when hitting an enemy Hero with an Ability.
Shove Icon.png
Cooldown: 20 secondsNudge Cho a small distance in the direction you choose.
Eye of Kilrogg Icon.png
Eye of Kilrogg
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Place an eye, granting vision of a large area around it for 45 seconds. The eye can be killed by enemies with 2 Basic Attacks. Stores up to 4 charges.
Bomb's Away Icon.png
Bomb's Away
Increases Cho's Rune Bomb range by 20%.
Runic Persistence Icon.png
Runic Persistence
Using Runic Blast no longer destroys Rune Bomb.
Double Back Icon.png
Double Back
Dread Orb's third bounce instead bounces backwards.
Edge of Madness Icon.png
Edge of Madness
Increases Shadowflame damage by 20% against nearby targets, and 10% to mid-range targets. Distant targets take normal damage.
Double Trouble Icon.png
Double Trouble
If Shadowflame hits an enemy Hero afflicted with Cho's Consuming Blaze, its cooldown is reduced by 1.25 seconds.
Dark Descent Icon.png
Dark Descent
Increases Runic Blast's damage by 5% everytime you get a Hero takedown, up to 20%. These bonuses are lost upon dying.
Shadow Bolt Volley Icon.png
Shadow Bolt Volley
After 1 second, unleash 19.375 Shadow Bolts over 3.875 seconds, each dealing 103 damage to the first target hit. The bolts fire towards your mouse.
Twisting Nether Icon.png
Twisting Nether
After 1 second, nearby enemies are slowed by 40% while you channel, up to 5 seconds. Activate to deal 342 damage.
Rising Dread Icon.png
Rising Dread
Dread Orb does 25% more damage on the second bounce and 75% more damage the third bounce.
Speed of Twilight Icon.png
Speed of Twilight
When Dread Orb hits an enemy Hero, gain 30% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.
Dread Shield Icon.png
Dread Shield
When Dread Orb hits an enemy Hero, gain a Shield absorbing 561 damage for 5 seconds.
Twilight Nova Icon.png
Twilight Nova
After the first bounce, 2 extra bombs bounce to the sides once.
Giant Scorcher Icon.png
Giant Scorcher
Shadowflame also does 3.5% of a Hero's maximum Health.
Shadowflare Icon.png
Increases Shadowflare's width by 50%. Enemies hit are slowed by 25% for 1 second.
Shadowfury Icon.png
Shadow Bolt Volley hits all enemies in its path.
The Nether Calls Icon.png
The Nether Calls
Increases Twisting Nether's slow by 10% and damage by 10% for every second channeled, to a maximum of 40% increase.
Psychotic Break Icon.png
Psychotic Break
Increases your Ability Damage by 5%. Upon dying, the cooldown on your Heroic Ability is reset and you can continue to use Abilities for 10 seconds.

Skins[edit | edit source]

  • Twilight's Hammer Chieftain
    • Backstory: Cho'gall is one of the most powerful, intelligent, and insane ogre-magi to have ever lived. As the leader of the Twilight's Hammer the two brothers seek to bring about an age of destruction... whenever they aren't bickering that is.
    • Price: 10,000g / $9.99 / 9.99
  • Master Master
    • Backstory: Some Heroes choose to protect themselves with thick plates of armor, others wear intricate magical robes to boost their power. Cho'gall says, "Why not do both?"
    • Price: 10,000g (requires Hero Level 10)
  • Rare Corruptor (Tier 5 Warlock set)
    • Backstory: Rumor has it that the Corruptor Raiment was once exclusively worn by the Shadow Council. How the Scryers and the Aldor ever obtained them, the World of Warcraft may never know...
    • Price: $7.49 / 7.49€
    • Note: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Warcraft tier sets skins.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cho'gall first appeared in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (1995).
  • Cho is voiced by Patrick Seitz. Gall is voiced by Grant George.
  • Cho'gall was intended for inclusion almost since the beginning.[3][4]
  • Cho'gall was one of the four heroes revealed at BlizzCon 2015.[1]
  • In addition to the normal mount options, Cho'gall can choose to carry any horse-type mount over his shoulder.
  • The game pairs one player's choice of skin (chosen at random) with the other player's choice of mount.
  • The game also combines the names of the two players, using the first three letters of Cho's player's name and the last four of Gall's player's name. For example, Mike and Flynn would make Mik'lynn.
  • Cho'gall's appearance was based mainly on his Warcraft II and comic designs, to give him a classic look. His armor bears the emblem of the Twilight's Hammer clan.

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