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Basic Info
Title Lord of Terror
Role Warrior Warrior
Franchise Diablo (franchise) Diablo
Type Melee
Heroes Nexus
Release Date March 13, 2014
Base Stats
Health 2753
Health Regen 5.73
Energy 500
Energy Regen 3
Speed 4.3984
Attack Speed 0.91
Attack Range 1.2
Attack Damage 123
Stats per level
Max Health 4
Health Regen 4
Ranged Damage
Splash Damage
Max Energy 0
Energy Regen 0
This article is about the hero, Diablo. For the franchise, see Diablo (franchise).

Diablo, the Lord of Terror, is a melee warrior hero from the Diablo universe.[1] Known in the ancient tongue as Al'Diabolos, the Prime Evil of Terror, the Demon Lord Diablo seeks to claim the world of Sanctuary for the Burning Hells. His victims are innumerable, his schemes unknowable, and his gender... malleable.

Diablo is an aggressive Ability driven Hero that charges his enemies and uses fire and lightning to burn them down. Gathers the souls of fallen enemies to use for resurrection.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Diablo (franchise) This section concerns content exclusive to Diablo universe.

Everyone knows the name of fear and it is Diablo, Lord of Terror.

Diablo, like his brothers Mephisto and Baal, was born from one of the seven heads of the great dragon Tathamet at the beginning of time. He is the youngest of the three Prime Evils that rule over the Burning Hells but he is also the most cunning and farsighted of the Primes. Diablo relishes in the terror he inflicts upon his victims and knows that the key to victory is preying upon the fears of those who stand in his way. Unlike his kin, however, Diablo doesn't conquest for the sake of power; he draws his satisfaction from the terror that runs rampant before the onslaught. Even his own realm within the Burning Hells is a testament to horror, as few would dare go into the Realm of Terror, where even demons are afraid to venture.

The story we know of Diablo starts a few hundred years ago when he was banished to the Mortal Realm of Sanctuary during the coup d'etat in Hell that would later be known as the Dark Exile. Diablo and his brothers immediately set about spreading terror, hatred and destruction across the lands of men until a group of mages known as the Horadrim managed to defeat them and lock their souls within sacred relics known as the Soulstones.

Diablo's Soulstone was locked away and forgotten for almost three hundred years under the town of Tristram, but during this time he sought ways to free himself from his prison. Eventually a new ruler named Leoric would make Tristram his capital and put his throne over the very ground where Diablo was buried. Leroic's advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, was actually an emissary sent by Diablo’s brother Mephisto who had escaped his own Soulstone some time before. Lazarus freed Diablo and helped him try to possess King Leoric, but Diablo was too weak from his imprisonment to fully possess Leoric and instead drove the poor king insane. Lazarus' next victim was Leoric's youngest son Albrecht, who proved to be the perfect vessel for the return of the Lord of Terror.

Leoric's last remaining son, Aidan, would soon hear of his father's madness and his brother's disappearance and set off to defeat the evil growing in Tristram. Aidan was eventually able to defeat Diablo, but his victory would be short lived as he was tricked into jamming Diablo's Soulstone into his forehead and allowing the demon lord to possess him. Aidan was able to contain Diablo's essence at first, but was slowly losing a battle he could never win.

A witch and servant of Diablo named Adria was residing in Tristram during these dark times and sensed her master within the body of Aidan as he returned from defeating the demon lord. At Diablo’s behest, she seduced Aidan so that she may bear a child that contained the essence of her master.

Aidan soon faltered against Diablo's influence and would head east so that he may unite with his brothers in an attempt to conquer the Mortal Realm with the power of the Soulstones now under their control. Diablo's plans would soon be foiled by a band of heroes from all across Sanctuary... or so it would seem.

Twenty years after his defeat by the mortal heroes, Adria would return and use her child, Leah, to revive Diablo yet again, and he would now be infused with the power of all of the seven great demon lords of the Burning Hells. Diablo, now reborn as the Prime Evil, almost succeeded in his goal of conquering all of Creation if not for the intervention of another mortal hero, the Nephalem.

But is Diablo truly dead? How does one kill Terror when all living things keep Fear within their hearts?

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Black Soulstone Icon.png
Black Soulstone
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Gain 10 Souls per Hero killed, or 1 per Minion or captured Mercenary. For each Soul, gain .20% maximum Health. If you have 100 Souls upon dying, you resurrect in 5 seconds and lose 100 Souls. Maximum 100 Souls.
Shadow Charge Icon.png
Shadow Charge
60 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds
Charge an enemy, knocking them back, dealing 206 (98 + 4% per level) damage, and then stunning them for 0.5 seconds. If the enemy collides with terrain, they are stunned for 1 second instead.
Fire Stomp Icon.png
Fire Stomp
40 Mana Cooldown: 6 seconds
Unleashes fire waves in all directions that deal 233 (111 + 4% per level) damage each.
Overpower Icon.png
60 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds
Grabs the target and slams it behind Diablo, dealing 160 (76 + 4% per level) damage and stunning for 0.25 seconds.
Apocalypse Icon.png
100 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds
Create a demonic rune under each enemy Hero on the battleground. After 1.75 seconds the rune explodes dealing 301 (143 + 4% per level) damage and stunning for 2 seconds.
Lightning Breath Icon.png
Lightning Breath
80 Mana Cooldown: 60 seconds
Become Unstoppable while channeling lightning that deals 1753 (832 + 4% per level) damage over 4 seconds. The direction of the Lightning changes with your mouse cursor position.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Block Icon.png
Every 5 seconds, you can Block a Basic Attack from an enemy Hero reducing its damage by 50%. Stores up to 2 charges.
Soul Feast Icon.png
Soul Feast
Black Soulstone increases your Health Regeneration by 3% per Soul.
Devil's Due Icon.png
Devil's Due
Reduces Black Soulstone's resurrection cost to 60 Souls.
Overwhelming Force Icon.png
Overwhelming Force
Increases the range and knockback of Shadow Charge by 25%.
Demonic Strength Icon.png
Demonic Strength
Once Overpower's stun expires, the target is slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.
Soul Catcher Icon.png
Soul Catcher
Black Soulstone passively generates a Soul every 4 seconds.
Fire Devil Icon.png
Fire Devil
Fire Stomp also surrounds you in flames that deal 23 damage every second for 6 seconds.
Essence of the Slain Icon.png
Essence of the Slain
When enemy Minions, captured Mercenaries, and Heroes die near you, gain 26.47 Health and 10 Mana.
Diabolical Momentum Icon.png
Diabolical Momentum
Basic Attacks reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.75 seconds.
Soul Steal Icon.png
Soul Steal
Increases the amount of Health gained from Black Soulstone by 50%.
From the Shadows Icon.png
From the Shadows
Enemies knocked against unpathable locations are stunned for an additional 0.5 seconds.
Devastating Charge Icon.png
Devastating Charge
Shadow Charge reduces the duration of silences, stuns, slows, and roots against you by 50% for 6 seconds.
Apocalypse Icon.png
Create a demonic rune under each enemy Hero on the battleground. After 1.75 seconds the rune explodes dealing 137 damage and stunning for 2 seconds.
Lightning Breath Icon.png
Lightning Breath
Become Unstoppable while channeling lightning that deals 800 damage over 4 seconds. The direction of the Lightning changes with your mouse cursor position.
Life Leech Icon.png
Life Leech
Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1% of the Hero's maximum Health and heal you for the same amount.
Firestorm Icon.png
Fire Stomp waves return to you, dealing 125% damage.
Spell Shield Icon.png
Spell Shield
Upon taking Ability Damage, reduce that damage and further Ability Damage by 50% for 3 seconds. Can only trigger once every 30 seconds.
Siphon the Dead Icon.png
Siphon the Dead
Activate to heal 15.6% of your maximum Health over 3 seconds.
Rampage Icon.png
Fire Stomp increases Diablo's Movement Speed by 20% and Basic Attack damage by 50% for 2 seconds.
Continuous Overpower Icon.png
Continuous Overpower
Overpower can store 2 charges.
Domination Icon.png
Overpower reduces the cooldown of Shadow Charge by 10 seconds.
Imposing Presence Icon.png
Imposing Presence
Enemies that attack you have their Attack Speed slowed by 40%.
Dying Breath Icon.png
Dying Breath
Apocalypse's cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds and is cast for free when you die.
Hellstorm Icon.png
Lightning Breath lasts and reaches 50% longer.
Lord of Terror Icon.png
Lord of Terror
Activate to steal 10% of the maximum Health of nearby enemy Heroes.
Bolt of the Storm Icon.png
Bolt of the Storm
Activate to teleport to a nearby location.

Skins[edit | edit source]

  • Lord of Terror
    • Backstory: Known in the ancient tongue as Al'Diabolos, the Prime Evil of Terror, the Demon Lord Diablo seeks to claim the world of Sanctuary for the Burning Hells. His victims are innumerable, his schemes unknowable, and his gender... malleable.
    • Price: 2,000g / $3.99 / 3.49
  • Master Master
    • Backstory: The heroes thought shattering his soulstone on the Hellforge would end his reign. Now, adorned with the forge's remnants, he would shatter every bone in their bodies in return.
    • Price: 10,000g (requires Hero Level 10)
  • Rare Kaijo
    • Backstory: The scientists of Tristram Labs had grown overconfident. They believed the power of the atom was finally under their control. They were wrong.
    • Price: $4.99 / 3.99€
    • Note: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Kaijo world skins.
  • Epic Lurkablo
    • Backstory: It is with hushed whispers the fishermen of Stormwind speak of the Lord of the Depths. His very name an eternal curse upon any angler foolish enough to speak it aloud: Lurkablo.
    • Price: $9.99 / 8.99€
    • Skin Features: Replaced voice-over.
    • Note: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of other franchises merging into Warcraft skins.
  • Epic Archangel
    • Backstory: Bringing a whole new meaning to "Holy Terror."
    • Price: $9.99 / 8.99€
    • Skin Features: Altered voice-over, themed abilities. The flames created by Fire Stomp and the Fire Devil talent are blue, as are the effects of Apocalypse and Lightning Breath.
    • Note: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of alternative history skins.

Mounts[edit | edit source]

Although Diablo is capable of using all mounts, he also has access to "Terror Charge", which allows him to move at mounted speed by running on all fours.

  • Backstory: See Diablo. See Diablo run. Wait... since when can Diablo run? Run from Diablo! Run!!!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Diablo first appeared in Diablo (1996). His Heroes of the Storm design reflects his appearance in Diablo II (2000), while his design in the Heroes of the Storm cinematic reflects his appearance in Diablo III (2012).
  • Diablo was one of the 18 heroes revealed at BlizzCon 2013.
  • In a 2011 build of the game, Diablo was considered as a boss for the now canceled Tristram map.[3]
  • Chris Sigaty likes to joke that Murkablo is the offspring of Diablo and a murloc.[4]
  • One of Diablo's gag quotes is "good children look both ways before crossing the street" played backwards.
  • Diablo and Azmodan have been bitter enemies for countless eons. Their rivalry eventually led Azmodan to start the 'Sin War', a centuries-long civil war between the 'Lesser Evils' and the 'Prime Evils' that ended in Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal being exiled from the Burning Hells to the world of man. This set-off the events of the original Diablo game.
  • Despite appearing as a savage brute, Diablo is every bit as cunning and intelligent as he is physically intimidating. Since demons in the Diablo series simply regenerate in the Burning Hells when they die, Diablo is feared by the angels for using extremely intricate and elaborate traps to eliminate his foes, and has even been known to sacrifice his life to sew dissent and mistrust through the ranks of the High Heavens.
  • The second tint of Diablo's default skin references his color scheme in Diablo II's Hell difficulty and the Pandemonium event's minigames - but with a green sheen instead of a brown torso.
  • Diablo is the largest warrior hero in the game.

Balance changelog[edit | edit source]

  • May 17, 2016 (18.0)
-Battle Momentum (7) changed to Diabolical Momentum (7).
 >Basic Attacks now reduce Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.75 seconds instead of 0.5.
 >No longer reduces Heroic Ability cooldowns.
  • February 10th, 2016 (16.1.4)
-Fire Stomp (W)
 >Fire Devil (4)
  Damage reduced from 23 (+4% per level) to 17 (+4% per level)

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