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Basic Info
Title The Lich King
Role Warrior
Franchise Warcraft Warcraft
Type Melee
Heroes Nexus
Base Stats
Health 1040
Health Regen 2.168
Energy 500
Energy Regen 3
Speed 4.3984
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 2
Attack Damage 47
Stats per level
Max Health 220
Health Regen 0.457
Ranged Damage 9
Splash Damage 9
Max Energy 10
Energy Regen 0.0976

Arthas Menethil, the Lord of the Scourge, is a warrior hero from the Warcraft franchise.[1] Once the crown prince of Lordaeron, and protege of Uther the Lightbringer, Prince Arthas was corrupted by the cursed blade Frostmourne in a desperate bid to save his people. Now he rules over the damned as the Lich King and all shall know his wrath.

Arthas engages with his enemies directly, freezing and slowing them, and uses the power of Frostmourne to empower his attacks. He is a slow moving hero, capable of dealing and withstanding massive amounts of damage.


Warcraft This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft universe.

Arthas Menethil was the son of Terenas Menethil II, King of Lordaeron and was the Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand led by Uther the Lightbringer. He was trained as a paladin by Uther. Even though he was a promising knight, he went down a path of vengeance.

Stratholme was one of the first cities to be struck by the Plague. Upon discovering this, Arthas ordered Uther and a Kirin Tor mage by the name of Jaina Proudmoore to help him purge the city to prevent the plague from spreading further. Uther and Jaina did not follow his demands so he went on to purge the city himself which is where his downfall began. After the Culling of Stratholme, he encountered a dreadlord by the name of Mal'Ganis. Mal’Ganis and Arthas fought briefly. Then after the fight, Mal'Ganis told him to go to the frozen wastes of Northrend where he should fulfill his destiny.

Arthas then gathered an army and set sail for Northrend. While on Northrend, he went on a search for the ancient runeblade Frostmourne; as he heard it contained the power to slay Mal'Ganis. Accompanied by an old friend Muradin Bronzebeard he found the sword. Despite Muradin's warning, he took the sword which caused Muradin to go out cold, then his downfall was coming to a climax.

He searched for and found Mal’Ganis who told him that the voice he was hearing was the Lich King, but Arthas replied saying that the voice was instructing him to destroy Mal'Ganis. Mal'Ganis was very surprised and ultimately destroyed by Arthas. After the fight, he abandoned his men and wandered the frozen wastes losing every last bit of his sanity. Once Arthas returned to the Eastern Kingdoms, he killed his father King Terenas Menethil II and everyone in Lordaeron; raising them after death to add to his undead army.

With his new army, he marched through Quel'thalas where he encountered Sylvanas Windrunner. He killed her and raised her as a banshee while also destroying the High Elf capital city Silvermoon. After the destruction he caused in Azeroth he made his way to the Frozen Throne in Icecrown where he had a confrontation with Illidan Stormrage. Once Illidan was defeated, he climbed the Frozen Throne where he put on Ner'Zhul's helmet to fuse their souls, thus becoming the Lich King.


Frostmourne Hungers Icon.png (D) Frostmourne Hungers
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Activate to make your next Basic Attack strike immediately, do 100% increased damage, and restore 30 Mana.
Death Coil Icon.png (Q) Death Coil
55 Mana
Cooldown: 9 seconds

Deals 360 (94 + 14 per level) damage to target enemy.

Can be self-cast to heal for 522 (104 + 22 per level) Health.
Howling Blast Icon.png (W) Howling Blast
75 Mana
Area of Effect
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Root enemies within the target area for 1.5 seconds and deals 150 (36 + 6 per level) damage.
Frozen Tempest Icon.png (E) Frozen Tempest
Mana: 10 per second
Area of Effect

Deals 80 (23 + 3 per level) damage per second to nearby enemies. Slows enemies' Move Speed by 6% per second, stacking up to ???%.
Army Of The Dead Icon.png (R) Army Of The Dead
100 Mana
Heroic Ability
Cooldown: 90 seconds

Summons Ghouls that last 15 seconds. Sacrifice Ghouls to heal for 750 (180 + 30 per level) Health.
Summon Sindragosa Icon.png (R) Summon Sindragosa
100 Mana
Heroic Ability
Cooldown: 90 seconds

Deals 450 (165 + 15 per level) damage, slows enemy Heroes, and freezes Minions for 10 seconds and Structures for 20 seconds.


[Requires Updating]

Tier Tooltip

Block Icon.png

Periodically reduces the damage received from Hero Basic Attacks by 50%. Stores up to 2 charges.
Frost Presence Icon.png
Frost Presence

Howling Blast cooldown lowered by 2 seconds.
Frozen Wastes Icon.png
Frozen Wastes

Frozen Tempest radius increased by 33%.
Regeneration Master Icon.png
Regeneration Master

Every 3 Regeneration Globes gathered grants an extra +4 Health per second, permanently.
Superiority Icon.png

Reduce damage taken from non-Heroic enemies by 50%.
Eternal Hunger Icon.png
Eternal Hunger (Trait)

Mana restored by Frostmourne Hungers increased to 60.
Destruction Icon.png
Destruction (Trait)

Damage boost of Frostmourne Hungers increased to 150% damage.
Envenom Icon.png

Activate to poison an enemy Hero, dealing 210 damage over 6 seconds.
Rune Tap Icon.png
Rune Tap

Every 3rd Basic Attack heals you for 3.9% of your max Health.
Obliterate Icon.png
Obliterate (Trait)

Frostmourne Hungers also hits enemies near the target for 50% damage.
Frost Strike Icon.png
Frost Strike (Trait)

Frostmourne Hunger also slows the target by 40% for 1.5 seconds.
Death Touch Icon.png
Death Touch

Death Coil causes enemy Minions to explode, killing the target instantly and dealing its normal damage to other nearby enemies.
Army Of The Dead Icon.png
Army of the Dead

Summons Ghouls that last 15 seconds. Sacrifice Ghouls to heal for 150 Health.
Summon Sindragosa Icon.png
Summon Sindragosa

Deals 150 damage, slows enemy Heroes, and freezes Minions for 10 seconds and Structures for 20 seconds.
Spell Shield Icon.png
Spell Shield

Upon taking Ability Damage, reduce all Ability Damage taken by 50% for 2 seconds. Can only trigger once every 30 seconds.
Relentless Icon.png

Reduces the duration of silences, stuns, slows, roots, and polymorphs against your Hero by 50%.
Trail of Frost Icon.png
Trail of Frost

Howling Blast impacts enemies while traveling.
Biting Cold Icon.png
Biting Cold

Frozen Tempest damage and cost increased by 50%.
Frostmourne Feeds Icon.png
Frostmourne Feeds (Trait)

Increased application to your next 2 Basic Attacks.
Immortal Coil Icon.png
Immortal Coil

Death Coil also heals when used on enemies. When used on self, the amount healed is increased by 50%.
Embrace Death Icon.png
Embrace Death

Death Coil deals 20% more damage for each 10% of health you are missing.
Stoneskin Icon.png

Activate to gain 30% of your Max Health as Shields for 5 seconds.
Legion of Northrend Icon.png
Legion of Northrend

3 additional Ghouls are created. Ghouls last 50% longer.
Absolute Zero Icon.png
Absolute Zero

Sindragosa flies twice as far. Enemy Heroes are rooted for 1.5 seconds, and then slowed by 60% for 1.5 seconds.
Fury of the Storm Icon.png
Fury of the Storm

Basic Attacks bounce twice to nearby enemies for 50% damage.


Lich King

  • Once the crown prince of Lordaeron, and protege of Uther the Lightbringer, Prince Arthas was corrupted by the cursed blade Frostmourne in a desperate bid to save his people. Now he rules over the damned as the Lich King and all shall know his wrath.
    • Price: 5,500g / $7.49 / 6.49


  • As Frostmourne devoured more and more souls, the Lich King's dominion over the damned grew ever stronger. It wasn't long before his armor began to manifest changes.
    • Price: 10,000g (requires Hero Level 10)

Crown Prince

  • As his hands gripped the hilt of the cursed blade Frostmourne, a dimensional gateway erupted from the icy pedestal dragging the young prince Arthas into the Nexus.
    • Price: $9.99 / 8.99€

Frost Wyrm

  • After the death of the Ashen Verdict's champions none could halt the Lich King's advance. As an eternal reminder of his victory he grafted the bones of his fallen allies onto his armor.
    • Price: $7.49 / 6.49€

Removed skins[edit]

Death Knight

  • As the victorious Arthas ascended the Frozen Throne the Lich King's voice echoed through his mind... Without warning, the words pulled away as he found himself in the heart of the Nexus.
    • Price: N/A (no longer available)


  • Arthas was one of the 18 heroes revealed at BlizzCon 2013.
  • Uniquely, his art was designed first, and his role in the game came later.[2]



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