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Basic Info
Title Hierarch of the Daelaam
Role Warrior Warrior
Franchise StarCraft StarCraft
Type Melee
Release Date October 20, 2015 (Pre-Release)
October 27, 2015 (Full Release)
Base Stats
Health 2569
Health Regen 5.35
Energy 500
Energy Regen 3
Speed 4.3984
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 1.2
Attack Damage 115
Stats per level
Max Health 4
Health Regen 4
Ranged Damage
Splash Damage
Max Energy 0
Energy Regen 0
The date "October 20, 2015 (Pre-Release)<br>October 27, 2015 (Full Release)" was not understood.

Artanis, the Hierarch of the Daelaam, is a melee warrior hero from the StarCraft universe.[1][2][3] Despite his relative youth, Artanis was named Hierarch of the Daelaam after the fall of Aiur. Driven by the promise of a brighter future, he hopes to reclaim the protoss' fallen home world and rebuild their once glorious civilization.

Artanis is a duelist warrior who gains a shield automatically at low health. He repositions enemies and strikes with his blades.[4]

Background[edit | edit source]

StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

When the First Contact War ended, Aiur had been conquered by the zerg Swarm. The protoss stood on the brink of oblivion, at risk of seeing their civilization disappear entirely. It was Artanis, a young executor, who prevented a bloody civil war and guided both the Khalai and Nerazim factions through the chaos of the Brood War. Now, with the Golden Armada at his command, he intends to take back Aiur and prepare his people for the final battle against an ancient and indomitable enemy.[5]

Hierarch Artanis is an indomitable warrior who seeks to unify his beleaguered people. As a renowned Templar with centuries of experience, Artanis combines martial prowess and tactical acumen—striking swiftly with his psi-blades, taking the brunt of enemy assaults with his shields, or calling upon his flagship, the Spear of Adun, to turn his foes into dust. He'll let nothing stand in his way to restore the glory of the protoss.[6]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shield Overload Icon.png
Shield Overload
Cooldown: 24 seconds
If you take damage while below 75% Health, gain a 374 (360 + 4% per level) point Shield for 5 seconds. Your Basic Attacks lower the cooldown of Shield Overload by 4 seconds.
Blade Dash Icon.png
Blade Dash
65 Mana Cooldown: 10 seconds
Dash forward and deal 125 (60 + 4% per level) damage to enemies, then return and deal 375 (178 + 4% per level) damage. Also reduces the cooldown of Shield Overload by 1 second per enemy hit and 2 seconds per Hero hit
Twin Blades Icon.png
Twin Blades
25 Mana Cooldown: 4 seconds
Your next Basic Attack immediately causes you to charge a short distance and strike the enemy 2 times.
Phase Prism Icon.png
Phase Prism
70 Mana Cooldown: 16 seconds
Fire a Phase Prism that deals 145 (69 + 4% per level) damage to Heroes and swaps your position with theirs. Phase Prism is castable during Blade Dash
Purifier Beam Icon.png
Purifier Beam
80 Mana Cooldown: 80 seconds
Target an enemy Hero with an orbital beam from the Spear of Adun, dealing 404 (192 + 4% per level) damage per second for 8 seconds. The beam will chase the target as they move. Unlimited range.
Suppression Pulse Icon.png
Suppression Pulse
40 Mana Cooldown: 50 seconds
Fire a large area pulse from the Spear of Adun, dealing 250 (119 + 4% per level) damage and Blinding enemies for 4 seconds. Unlimited range.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Reactive Parry Icon.png
Reactive Parry
Activating Twin Blades reduces the damage received from the next Hero Basic Attack by 75%. Can store up to 2 charges.
Amateur Opponent Icon.png
Amateur Opponent
Twin Blades attacks deal 150% bonus damage versus non-Heroic enemies.
Seasoned Marksman Icon.png
Seasoned Marksman
Quest: Every Minion killed near you grants 0.2 Attack Damage, and Takedowns grant 0.5 Attack Damage.Reward: Upon gaining 40 bonus Attack Damage, you can also activate Seasoned Marksman to increase your Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
Psionic Synergy Icon.png
Psionic Synergy
Cooldown Reduction gained by hitting Heroes with Blade Dash is increased to 4 seconds.
Shield Battery Icon.png
Shield Battery
Shield Overload's cooldown recharges 50% faster while the shield is active, and increases the duration of Shielf Overload from 5 to 6 seconds.
Shield Surge Icon.png
Shield Surge
Shield Overload's shield amount is increased by 80% while you are below 25% Max Health.
Solarite Reaper Icon.png
Solarite Reaper
Increases the damage of the first dash of Blade Dash by 150%.
Warp Sickness Icon.png
Warp Sickness
Phase Prism also slows the enemy's Movement Speed by 35% for 4 seconds.
Chrono Surge Icon.png
Chrono Surge
Hitting an enemy Hero with Phase Prism grants 50% bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds.
Follow Through Icon.png
Follow Through
After using an ability, your next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 40% additional damage.
Suppression Pulse Icon.png
Suppression Pulse
Fire a large area pulse from the Spear of Adun, dealing 250 damage and Blinding enemies for 4 seconds. Unlimited range.
Purifier Beam Icon.png
Purifier Beam
Target an enemy Hero with an orbital beam from the Spear of Adun, dealing 404 damage per second for 8 seconds. The beam will chase the target as they move. Unlimited range.
Templar's Zeal Icon.png
Templar's Zeal
Blade Dash cooldown recharges 100% faster while you are below 50% Health.
Triple Strike Icon.png
Triple Strike
Increases Twin Blades's number of Basic Attacks to 3 but increase its cooldown by 1 second..
Graviton Vortex Icon.png
Graviton Vortex
Phase Prism pulls and damages an additional enemy Hero near the first.
Phase Bulwark Icon.png
Phase Bulwark
When Shield Overload activates, you take 40% less damage from Abilities for 4 seconds.
Zealot Charge Icon.png
Zealot Charge
Increase Twin Blades' charge distance by 100%.
Titan Killer Icon.png
Titan Killer
Twin Blades attacks against Heroes deal an additional 2.5% of the target's maximum Health in damage.
Psionic Wound Icon.png
Psionic Wound
Twin Blades final strike causes enemy Heroes to become Vulnerable for 2 seconds, increasing all damage taken by 25%.
Burning Rage Icon.png
Plasma Burn
While Shield Overload is active, you deal 50 damage a second to nearby enemies.
Orbital Bombardment Icon.png
Orbital Bombardment
Suppression Pulse gains an additional charge. There is a 10 second cooldown between uses.
Target Purified Icon.png
Target Purified
If the target of Purifier Beam dies, it automatically recasts on the nearest enemy Hero.
Force of Will Icon.png
Force of Will
Increases Shield Overload's cooldown reduction from Basic Attacks to 6 seconds.
Nexus Blades Icon.png
Nexus Blades
Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage and slow enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 1 second.

Skins[edit | edit source]

  • Hierarch of the Daelaam
    • Backstory: Despite his relative youth, Artanis was named Hierarch of the Daelaam after the fall of Aiur. Driven by the promise of a brighter future, he hopes to reclaim the protoss' fallen home world and rebuild their once glorious civilization.
    • Price: 10,000g / $9.99 / 9.99, or free with the purchase of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.
  • Master Master
    • Backstory: As Hierarch, Artanis strives for unity among his people. Drawing inspiration from the cultures of both Aiur and Shakuras, his ceremonial armor is a symbol of their combined strength.
    • Price: 10,000g (requires Hero Level 10)
  • Rare Purifier
    • Backstory: Shortly after reactivation, Artanis purged Aiur of the protoss in an act of open rebellion. Now the Hierarch of the Purifiers leads his people on a quest to cleanse the sector of all organic life.
    • Price: $7.49 / 7.49€
    • Skin Features: Altered voice-over.
  • Epic Shogun
    • Backstory: The Daelaam Shogunate is not blind to its people's suffering. Artanis, the newly appointed Shogun, has sworn to bring the Lenassa to justice before another clan falls to their dark blades.
    • Price: $9.99 / 8.99€
    • Skin Features: Themed abilities. Shield Overload appears as a lantern. Blade Dash leaves fire in his wake. Twin Blades gives him burning swords. Phase Prism throws a flaming mask. Purifier Beam drops flaming spears on the target. Suppression Pulse drops a bomb that creates fiery sparks.[7]
    • Note: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of alternative history skins.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Artanis was the "Executor" player character in StarCraft (March 1998), though he was not named or seen until StarCraft: Brood War (November 1998).
    • Artanis's design in Heroes of the Storm reflects his appearance in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (November 2015).
  • Artanis is voiced by Patrick Seitz.
  • Artanis was announced at Gamescom 2015.[8][9]
  • All purchasers of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will unlock access to Artanis in Heroes of the Storm.[10]
  • Those who pre-purchased a digital copy of Legacy of the Void gained access to Artanis on October 20, 2015. He became available for sale to everyone as of October 27, 2015.[10]
  • The second and third tints of Artanis's Purifier skin respectively reference the mecha units EVA-02 and EVA-01 from the influential anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • One of Artanis's gag quotes references the famous line "Stop poking me!" from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994).
  • Artanis was the first StarCraft warrior hero, the second being Dehaka.

Hero Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • July 27th, 2016
-Health increased from 2245 to 2470
-Health Regen increased from 4.68 to 5.15
-Phase Prism (E)
  >Warp Sickness (Talent)
     Slow amount increased from 30 to 35%
  • April 19th, 2016
-Health reduced from 2335 (+4% per level) to 2245 (+4% per level).
-Health Regeneration reduced from approximately 4.86 (+4% per level) to 4.67 (+4% per level).
-Twin Blades (W)
     Artanis’ next Basic Attack now also causes him to charge forward a short distance, equal to approximately half the distance provided by the previous iteration of the Zealot Charge Talent.
  >Zealot Charge (Talent)
     Now increases charge distance by 100%.
  • March 9th, 2016 (16.4.4)
-Health increased from 2245 (+4% per level) to 2335 (+4% per level)
-Health Regeneration increased from approximately 4.67 per second (+4% per level) to approximately 4.86 per second (+4% per level)
-Shield Overload (Trait)
  >Shield Battery (Talent)
     Cooldown reduction increased from 6 to 8 seconds
  >Phase Bulwark (Talent)
     Duration of Ability damage reduction increased from 3 to 4 seconds
  >Shield Surge (Talent)
     Bonus Shield amount increased from 50% to 100%
-Blade Dash (Q)
  >Templar’s Zeal (Talent)
     Cooldown recharge rate increased from 75% to 100%
-Twin Blades (W)
  >Amateur Opponent (Talent)
     Bonus damage against non-Heroic targets increased from 100% to 150%
  >Triple Strike (Talent)
     Now also increases the cooldown of Twin Blades by 1 second
-Phase Prism (E)
  >Khaydarian Resonance (Talent) removed
  >Chrono Surge (Talent)
     Attack Speed bonus increased from 25% to 40%
  >Warp Sickness (Talent)
     Slow duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds
  >Graviton Vortex (Talent)
     Now also reduces the cooldown of Phase Prism by 6 seconds
  • December 15th, 2015 (15.3.0)
 -Basic attack range increased by 25%
 -Phase Prism(E) 
   >Range and speed have each been increased by 15%

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